American Singer Salem Ilese Spills On Upcoming Collaboration With LE SSERAFIM — Making Sakura A Successful Fan

She revealed everything to GOT7’s Youngjae!

American singer Salem Ilese spilled on an upcoming collaboration with LE SSERAFIM, and while this is surely exciting news for fans, it’s probably even more exciting for Sakura!

Salem Ilese | @salemilese/Instagram

Sakura | @39saku_chan/Instagram

Salem Ilese is no stranger to K-Pop. In fact, she’s no stranger to HYBE, as earlier this year she collaborated with TXT (or TOMORROW X TOGETHER) on her song “PS5.”

TXT with Salem Ilese | @salemilese/Instagram

When TXT visited the US for their world tour, she came onstage in LA for a surprise collaboration performance.

| theultimatedodo/YouTube

The song proved to be a hit, so it’s no surprise that she is now reportedly collaborating with yet another HYBE artist, as LE SSERAFIM are managed by HYBE-subsidiary Source Music.


Recently, Salem Ilese guested on GOT7 Youngjae‘s radio show Best Friend. There were plenty of adorable exchanges between them…

…not least of which was when Youngjae seemed to turn rather red when he told her his favorite Marvel character is Iron Man.

He helped her learn a bit of Korean, and she also confessed to being a fan of GOT7!

But what was particularly intriguing was that, according to Salem, she has been working on new music with LE SSERAFIM, whom she is excited to be meeting soon.

| @elsserafim/Twitter 

I get to hang out with LE SSERAFIM tomorrow, very excited for that. We’ve worked together on one of their upcoming songs and we’re gonna do a little special video, so that’ll be cool!

— Sale Ilese

Since there hasn’t yet been an official confirmation of LE SSERAFIM’s first comeback, it seems like this might be the first major spoiler! And as fans have been pointing out, this must be a dream come true for Sakura. Back in 2020, Sakura shared that her TMI was that she wanted to one day meet singer-songwriter Salem Ilese.

Given that Salem has worked with the likes of K-Pop icons such as Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon, Sakura can’t exactly be blamed…

Fans are now expressing how happy they are for Sakura’s win, especially because the song they’re making together is sure to be a bop!

Watch the full clip of Salem Ilese on Youngjae’s Best Friend on the following link.