American TV Anchor Under Fire For Asking TXT About Donald Trump’s Rally

They were uncomfortable by the question but handled it the best way they could.

Due to the current situation surrounding massive public gatherings, KCON has transformed into an online concert experience with a fantastic lineup of many solo artists and groups. As one of the hottest groups around, TXT naturally joined the lineup.

To promote it, the five members guest-starred on Good Day New York for the first time via video call. Little did they know, they would be asked a question about Donald Trump‘s recent rally that many fans found inappropriate.

During their interview that was supposed to be centered around KCON:TACT, the TV anchor cut off Soobin to say:

I have to ask you, but I don’t know if you know anything about this. Apparently, over the weekend, the President of the United States was having a big rally. And, he thought a million people would show up. But, a lot of K-Pop fans have said they actually got the tickets and faked out the president. Do you know anything about that whole movement of TikTok users and K-Pop fans getting those tickets for Trump’s rally and not showing up?

Understandably, TXT were just as caught off guard about the question as fans were. After taking a long moment to process and hear a translation of the question, Yeonjun gracefully addressed it in a way that steered the interview back where it should be. With Hueningkai‘s encouragement, he stated, “We don’t know. We’re just preparing for KCON:TACT, and we were practicing. That’s all.”

Although TXT handled the question professionally, it didn’t sit right with fans. MOAs were quick to call the question inappropriate for two reasons.

The first was that it had nothing to do with the purpose of the interview. With the big KCON:TACT logo hanging right behind the group, they were appearing solely for the purpose of speaking about their upcoming performance and new music.

The second reason it left fans upset was the fact that they’re a Korean group. They don’t have any obligation to speak on political matters concerning the United States, even if K-Pop fans have involvement with a particular situation.

While the news station hasn’t released any official statement regarding the situation, the news anchor Rosanna Scotto did address it through her Twitter account. She apologized to fans who voiced how inappropriate they found the question.

In the same breath, she responded positively to someone discounting how upsetting fans found the question.

Watch TXT handle the unexpected and “inappropriate” question about the rally that has fans heated.

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