Americans fall in love with CL after her debut performance at UMF Miami

CL recently and successfully took on her first U.S stage alongside Skrillex during his closing main stage performance, receiving high praises from Americans who caught the music festival.

On March 29th, CL took the stage alongside Skrillex at the annual Ultra Music Festival (UMF), performing a short version of “Dirty Vibe” with Diplo and modified version of “MTBD” before being joined by P.Diddy onstage.

Following the extravagant 50-minute closing stage, many took to Twitter to praise CL on her stage, writing, “CL is the new Asian bae [1],” “I’m liking this badass Asian chick,” “Who is this hot Asian chick on stage?” “So, CL is my new wife…” “This Asian chick ♥.♥” and “That Asian chick is hella fine.”

Showing immense supports for CL, Blackjacks made sure those who weren’t familiar with this “Asian chick” that her name was CL, introducing them to the female rapper and artist formally.

Ultra Music Festival is one of the biggest electronic music festivals to take place in the U.S, attracting over hundreds of thousands of fans each year both onsite and online.