‘America’s Got Talent’s’ Frontrunner And 10-Year Old Opera Prodigy Reveals Why She Inspired By BTS

She loves opera music and she loves BTS too

America’s Got Talent has showcased another viral moment, when 10-year-old opera singer Emanne Beasha gave a sensational performance.

She stole the show with her emotive opera singing and her immense talent as a child prodigy.

With all the buzz surrounding her performance, Emanne was asked what type of music she listens to, if she is such a great singer.

Emanne reveals that she listens to opera music, but she is also a massive fan of BTS.

Even though she stated her friends were confused by this, she still expressed that she is definitely proud to be an ARMY.

When asked whether she understands the lyrics whenever she is singing in a foreign language, Emanne expressed that it she doesn’t have to know what every word means for her to enjoy a song.

For her, she is able to enjoy the emotions that a song stirs, whether it’s BTS’s songs or Italian opera.

For me, it’s not knowing word for word what you are exactly saying, it’s knowing the meaning and performing it … Feeling in the place of how the person that is going through it is feeling.

Many ARMYs have been impressed with how eloquent Emanne is, regardless of her young age.

Many also agree with her opinion that it is important to understand the emotion and purpose of songs, which BTS sets out to do with their songwriting.

As for some of her opinions, she revealed that her favourite song is “Heartbeat” and her BTS bias is V.

Emanne has not only been inspired and encouraged by BTS, but she is also incredibly talented.

She received the “Golden Buzzer” to progress straight to the semi-finals and was told that she was the judges’ favorite act.

Even Simon Cowell was impressed, telling her that her performance is something he is definitely going to remember.

BTS and America’s Got Talent are certainly not strangers! BTS has performed on the show last year, highlighting the spirit of hard work and talent that this show endorses.

Hopefully, Emanne will be able to meet her idols soon and let them know how much they have impacted her.

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Source: Entertainment Tonight