Aminé And BTS Are Fans Of Each Other And Are Hoping To Collab One Day

They have talked about working together!

American rapper, singer, and songwriter Aminé has been working a lot with DIVE Studios lately. Most recently, he came out with his own MINDSET collection. He also guested on the podcast Daebak Show w/ Eric Nam where he talked about a variety of topics with host and fellow solo artist Eric Nam.

Aminé |@mindset_dive/Twitter

During their conversation, Eric Nam and Aminé reflected on previous trips to South Korea. Aminé recalled performing at a packed festival and being amazed by the number of fans he had there.

It felt like… It was a great feeling to be on stage. Everyone was just so like lovely and was so happy to be there. Yeah, it felt like … a good time like super welcoming.

— Aminé

Eric Nam (left) and Aminé (right).

He pondered the source of his international fame when Eric added that he also has a lot of famous fans. He listed pH-1 and NCT‘s Mark Lee as a couple of examples.

There are so many Korean fans of yours, not just like you know the everyday person but a lot of artists…

— Eric Nam

He also brought up the time when BTS‘s V tweeted a video, jamming out to Aminé’s song “BLACKJACK” two years ago. This was definitely a moment that helped introduce Aminé to many people.

V’s video is now technically taken down because of copyright, unfortunately. Still, it was there long enough for it to have an impact.

Aminé revealed that he and BTS actually formed a friendship thanks to social media. And they have even talked, and he confirmed that they are as nice as we all imagine them to be.

They’re fans, and I’m a fan of them… We followed each other. We’ve DM’d in the past, and they’re super cool, like, yeah, really nice guys.

— Aminé

He said that they definitely hope to collaborate in the future. Of course, when the timing is right, it will happen, but we can’t wait for the day!

I think we’re meaning to work, but like, you know, how that goes with artists like they’re busy, I’m— They’re selling out Wembley Stadium. They don’t need to talk to me. It’s okay!

— Aminé

You can watch a clip from the episode below:

Source: DIVE Studios