“Among Allstar” Under Fire For Allegedly Copying “Going SEVENTEEN”

Fans are angered by the many similarities.

KBL TV is a YouTube channel that updates information about the Korean Basketball League (hence, KBL). Along with highlights of basketball games, the channel also features variety-show-like activities with the players. Their latest game is called Among Allstar, a mafia game played by ten professional basketball players.

During the first episode posted on February 14, the game began with two “imposters” and eight “crew members.” The crew members gain points when they complete a mission or capture an imposter. The imposters can use a secret passageway to steal a crew member’s handkerchief to “kill” the members and gain points.

SEVENTEEN fans found the video and began leaving comments stating that the game is too similar to one in Going SEVENTEEN, which is the boy group’s variety show.

  • Did they copy the game on purpose and ignore our feedback?”
  • “It’s not only similar, it’s exactly the same. We will be waiting for a quick reply.”
  • “The content, the subtitles, and the way it was edited are too similar. If this video was not created by the same production team [SEVENTEEN’s], then you just copied it.” 
  • “The SEVENTEEN members planned this game. It’s too similar.”

KBL TV explained to fans through the comment section of the video.

This is content was produced with the team ‘Visual and Wit’ and KBL. Please understand this is one of many contents we are creating after signing a contract with the production team. We were inspired by the mobile game Among Us to plan this content. Also, we filmed this show at the set of A1 Studio which is a location where various dramas, movies, and commercials were filmed.


Despite the explanation, fans have continued to leave negative comments. Watch for yourself down below.

Source: Top Star News