Television Personality Amy Reveals Male Celebrity Who Took Drugs With Her And Let Her Take The Fall

She revealed everything she was holding in.

Television personality Amy recently shared a post attacking a former celebrity friend who let her take the fall after taking drugs together.


Amy was sentenced to 2 years probation back in 2012 when she was actively promoting as an entertainer for habitually taking Propofol. During her probation period, however, she additionally took Zolpidem, which led to her deportation in 2015 in addition to penalties.

Propofol is a type of anesthetic that can cause problems with prolonged use and was a drug that many famous celebrities were caught using at the time.


Referring back to this time, Amy wrote in her post about the male celebrity who she thought was a good friend. Read her story below:

I am feeling very hurt and sad today.

These days, although it’s too late to regret, I have been reflecting upon myself in the past few years, regretting and thinking about the past days. I am making an effort to improve myself each day by cherishing and being thankful for the memories of when I was loved and my mistakes.

I had a friend who I liked very much. I was very proud of that friend and he was like a soulmate to me.

Then I was called to the police station because of my mistake. When they asked me who I did Propofol with, I didn’t say a word. I begged them to punish me alone.

Before I was caught, when word had it that I was going to get caught, I suddenly received a call from someone. And I heard something that was unbelievable. The person told me that my friend suggested, ‘Amy could rat me out at the police station so let’s meet Amy before that and take photos/videos of her sexual assault so she can’t rat on me.’ The person said they couldn’t go through with it and told me instead. I was shocked.

When my investigations began, the friend who was in the military called me each night making excuses saying, ‘Please help me, I’m sorry, it’s not what it sounds like.’ Maybe he was trying to take advantage of my weak heart but he kept saying that his entertainment career could come to an end and that he’ll die, and begged me to help him out.

Although he said the scheme to take photos/videos of sexual assault was not him, it was in the deposition. Even so, I expected him to give me a call when he was discharged from the military. And I’d be relieved that he was safe. But there was no call from him.

So I called him. I asked him if he know how much of an effort I made. He said, ‘When did you ever help me?’ The person, who was begging for help, was avoiding me now that the case is over. It would have been nice if he could at least say thank you and a part of me still cannot forgive him.

Being stupidly loyal and going to jail alone was not as sad as finding out the true identity of my precious friend. This hurts the most and I cannot forget the betrayal.

I took the Propofol all with Celebrity A. It was the same for Zolpidem. I believe I am still being punished and still asking for forgiveness for my mistake.

But you’re still brightly smiling on TV. You should never have done that to me!! You pretended not to know everything you did and then did that to me using another person. Do I really have to forgive you? This is sad.

ㅡ Amy


Source: Hankyung