Amy resumes her activities, starting with online shopping mall

Amy is resuming her activities after a short hiatus, starting with her online shopping mall.

Recently, Amy announced through media that her online shopping mall is “getting ready for reopening in November.”

On 2012, Amy was involved in a drug case regarding propofol abuse, and was sentenced 8 months in prison and 2 months probation. This prohibited her from all her current activities and jobs including the running of her shopping mall and her television activities.

Unfortunately, during her probation, she was caught again for repeated use of Zolpidem, resulting in $5,000 in fines.

Amy, after being arrested and fined for her repeated use of drugs, stated, “[I will] stop all [of my] activities until the probation is over, and if there is any opportunity, I want to go back, and I will show a new self of mine.”

Source: Maeil Economics