Anchorwoman Yoon Seo Young Criticized for Picture of Riding in a Shopping Cart

Anchorwoman Yoon Seo Young has faced heavy backlash from netizens as she uploaded a photo of herself riding a shopping cart in a public space.

On March 6, Yoon Seo Young updated her Instagram with a photo of her riding a shopping cart on an escalator and smiling towards the camera. Along with the photo, she included the text, “Go away cold weather, I came to a superstore to go shopping for my mom.”

Her followers and the public were shocked at her immaturity, and found the photo offensive for two reasons: riding in a shopping cart in public as a public figure and as an adult, as well as publicizing the dangerous act of riding in a shopping cart on a moving escalator.

Netizens quickly commented that the locks on the cart don’t always work and that marts and other superstores have banned the act of riding in them for safety reasons. Furthermore, they expressed their disappointment in her thoughtless post, questioning how she could have thought of doing something so immature and dangerous.

The post was soon deleted after more of her followers criticized her actions, and her Instagram account has also been deactivated.

Here are some of the top netizen comments on Nate translated:

[+3,682 / -64] I guess this is why SNS addiction is dangerous… People don’t think about the consequences and only think about the need to take a picture and share it…

[+3,212 / -58] Shame on the person riding and the person who agreed to take the photo for her… tch tch

[+2,891 / -72] This is because she aged backward through her ass

Source: Chosun and Nate