Angelina Jolie Holds Back Tears On Her Last Day In Seoul While Dropping Off Son Maddox At Yonsei University

It was an emotional time for her

Angelina Jolie and her oldest son Maddox have been touring Seoul for the past week, as Maddox prepares to study at Yonsei University in Seoul.

Maddox will be studying biochemistry at this prestigious university and living in Seoul for his college experience.

Angelina and Maddox had the opportunity of touring the campus, where both were comfortable with interacting with the staff and students at Yonsei University.

Many praised them for their down-to-earth natures and their pleasant interactions, even taking several photos with other students.

One student asked Angelina how long she planned on staying in Korea for.

Angelina emotionally answered that this was actually her last day in Seoul.

I leave today, today’s the day I drop him off. I’m trying not to cry, just to let you know

The crowd was visibly touched by Angelina’s admission, and she was seen trying to fight back her tears at saying goodbye.

Maddox was the first child Jolie adopted, having first met him at a Cambodian orphanage, and raising him as a single parent for many years.

Hence, it was inevitably hard for her to see him leave for university, as it is for many parents seeing their first child leave home to live on their own.

Regardless of her feelings, the Oscar winner highlighted that she was impressed with what she saw around Seoul and at Yonsei University.

She outlined that she had faith that Maddox and the other students would have a fulfilling college experience.

It seems like a great school, I’m sure you are all going to like it.

Meanwhile, Angelina spent her last day in Seoul continuing to tour around the campus and getting to know Maddox’s fellow students on campus.

Yonsei University student Jo Won Bang told US Weekly that it was so meaningful for Angelina Jolie to greet the other students and take photos with them.

Yesterday was such a special experience and all of us are still in a big shock! Angelina Jolie was very nice!

After looking through the dorms, she came to us and greeted all of us. And I was lucky enough to shake hands with her! She came toward us and had small conversations with us, and we were taking lots of pictures together. She really wasn’t hesitant in taking pictures with us.


While this is an emotional moment for Jolie, given the closeness in her relationship with Maddox, many found it clear that she cared for Maddox’s experiences and had the strength to respect his personal decisions and maturity.

I could see how much she cared for Maddox and his upcoming college life. It was a very special experience.

While Angelina says goodbye to Maddox, she knows that he will have an amazing time, enjoying all the opportunities the university has to offer.

Source: US Weekly