Angelina Jolie Reveals That She Would Like To Star In A Korean Movie

Fans and netizens alike are thrilled.

Academy Award-winning actress Angelina Jolie revealed that she would love to act in a Korean movie one day!

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During a video press conference today with local reporters in Seoul for her upcoming action thriller Those Who Wish Me Dead, she shared her fond feelings towards the country and its film industry.

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The actress, who has visited Korea on numerous occasions, such as during press tours or to drop off her son at Yonsei University, told the reporters that “Korea absolutely has a special place in [her] heart.”

I love being there and I hope to spend more time in the future. Even though because of COVID, he [her son] isn’t able to be there, he continues his Korean language studies and teaches me sometimes.

–Angelina Jolie

Angelina and her son Maddox. | WireImage

She also spoke highly about her co-star in Marvel’s Eternals, Ma Dong Seok.

He is a dear friend. He is brilliant and he is kind. Such a good man. I look forward to everyone seeing that film as well.

–Angelina Jolie about Ma Dong Seok

Ma Dong Seok and Angelina Jolie. | Yonhap

It’s obvious that she is very fond of the country and its film industry.

It would be nice to appear in Korean movies or participate in directing. In the future, I would like to be more involved with the Korean film industry.

–Angelina Jolie

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Netizens loved hearing her fond comments about Korea and expressed their admiration for her on an online forum!

  • Jolie unni, you’re so cool ♡
  • What a truly amazing person
  • Got it, Jolie-ya. What can we do to help? Watch your movie when it comes out?
  • She’s such a cool woman. She’s beautiful not just in looks but her heart too.
  • Beautiful person inside and out
  • She’s such an amazing human being, not just a star
  • She’s a living angel
  • Has Korea become that cool? That we’re cool enough for Jolie to send love calls to?
Source: Star Today, Netizen Buzz and Korea Herald