“We Will Go All The Way” — Angry Fandom Protests Against A Popular Singer’s Agency

They are dissatisfied with how the agency is running things.

Singer Lee Chanwon‘s fandom is expressing dissatisfaction with his agency with a truck protest.

Singer Lee Chanwon | @mee_woon_sanae/Instagram

Starting from October 9, members of the “Lee Chanwon gallery” from the online community, DC Inside, has been holding a truck protest against the singer’s agency, TN Entertainment. In front of the agency’s building in Seoul, the protest showed the fans’ dissatisfaction with how the agency is handling the singer.

| TN Entertainment

The truck showed signs that strongly protested against the agency, with messages such as, “Withdraw the double scheduling of the ignorant announcement ceremony by the fistful, thoughtless TN Entertainment of the olden days.

“Lee Chanwon gallery” protesting in front of TN Entertainment | Lee Chanwon’s Fandom

The intensified conflict between the fandom and the agency appears to be related to the scheduled music broadcast pre-recording for The Fact Music Awards (TMA) scheduled for October 10. TN Entertainment announced through an official fan cafe notice on October 6 with an audience guidance announcement for an unplanned music broadcast recording scheduled on the same day as the TMA awards ceremony.

Lee Chanwon at the The Fact Music Awards (TMA) | Hanyung

In response, Lee Chanwon’s fandom stated that the sudden notice issued by TN Entertainment right before Hangul Day, (also known as The Korean Alphabet Day) a national Korean commemorative day. With the weekend and Hangul Day falling before the TMAs, the agency would not be able to communicate with the fans.


The angry fans showed how serious they were by declaring, “This time, we will go all the way.” Many are wondering how the agency will respond to the fans’ protest.


Lee Chanwon is active as a singer, MC, and entertaining on various broadcasts such as JTBC‘s Talk Pa One 25 O’Clock, KBS2‘s Immortal Songs, and more. He was one of the top seven contestants on the famous trot audition program Mr. Trot in 2020.

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