Anne Hathaway will visiting Korea soon to meet her Korean fans

Anne Hathaway revealed she may be visiting Korea soon, especially after having filmed Colossal in Seoul and Bucheon.

Anne Hathaway was recently interviewed by Kevin Oh on KBS‘s entertainment news program, Entertainment Weekly, for the fourth time, where she revealed that she’s currently planning a visit to Korea for her fans.

Kevin Oh flew to Hollywood, Los Angeles, to interview both Anne Hathaway and Nacho Vigalondo, the director of her new film, Colossal. The film is a comedic sci-fi movie about a giant monster rampaging through Seoul and Bucheon in South Korea, who seemingly has a mental connection with Anne.

Kevin asked Nacho Vigalondo why they decided to base the film in Seoul and Bucheon, to which he explained that there were a lot of talks of filming the movie in Korea. Furthermore, he explained that he had known of Seoul and Bucheon from a while back, as he was invited to the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival, which was an experience he loved.

Anne Hathaway added that she loved the script and the location of the film backdrop because of the symbolism and literary meaning behind the city “Seoul” and its homophone “soul”.

“I was so thrilled when I read that because I thought it was so clever on another level because, ‘Seoul’ being a place, but also in a movie that’s about the metaphysical, to have a place called ‘Soul’ that you were trashing. As an English speaker, it resonated with me on that.”

— Anne Hathaway

She was then asked if she had any plans to visit her many Korean fans who were waiting patiently for her to come and see them, to which she revealed that she was planning something, but the specifics were a secret.


Source: Herald POP