Anne Hegerty Is Under Fire For Calling BTS “Fundamentally Not Important”

ARMYs are coming to BTS’s defense.

British TV personality Anne Hegerty from The Chase is under fire for her dismissive comment towards BTS.

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The controversy began when The Economist senior editor Anne McElvoy wrote in a now-deleted tweet “Please no”. This was in response to news of BTS’s message of hope at the 75th UN General Assembly.

Following the backlash she received for her tweet, McElvoy apologized and claimed she was misunderstood.

Anne Hegerty, a celebrity known for her role in the ITV game show The Chase, responded to McElvoy’s apology dismissively.

All this about a little Korean boy band that’s fundamentally not important?

— Anne Hagerty

ARMYs were understandably angered at her words, with many reaching out to correct her.

This ‘little’ Korean boy band is fundamentally important in so many ways. First and foremost: they’re representing Asian men“. Yi continued, “For you to dismiss them and say ‘little’ is not only a microaggression but is actually racist“.

Another Twitter user wrote that even if BTS is irrelevant to her, they are important to millions of people from all over the world.

They called for ITV’s The Chase to address Hegerty’s racist remark.

In related news, BTS recently made a comeback with the English single “Dynamite”. It was the first K-Pop song to top Billboard‘s Hot 100 chart.

On September 23, BTS delivered a speech at this year’s UN General Assembly where they gave a message of hope to millions of people from all walks of life.

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