Anne Marie Reveals The Truth Behind Her Canceled Performance In Korea In The Best Way Possible

Netizens and fans alike are praising her for her response!

Anne Marie was scheduled to perform at the Holiday Land Festival at Paradise Hotel in Incheon, Korea. However, she personally apologized through a video that she was told that she show can’t go on. She emphasized that she would go on with the show if it were up to her but she was told against it.


Heavy rains and strong winds were predicted to occur during the night of the festival. Considering it is an outdoor festival, the festival’s producers revealed that Anna Marie requested that she cancel her performance.

Due to the rain, Daniel Ceasar and Anne Marie requested to cancel their performance.

— Fake Virgin Productions


As the reason behind the cancellation seemed to differ between the two parties, Anne Marie decided to personally explain her side of the story. She revealed that her management decided to cancel her performance because the festival’s production team wanted her to sign a waiver that claimed she would be responsible if fans were injured or killed while watching her perform in the potentially dangerous weather.


After realizing that so many of her Korean fans came out to see her perform that day, Anne Marie proved that she truly wanted to perform for her fans by holding a free concert! She personally rented out a safe indoor performance hall so that her fans won’t leave disappointed!


She emphasized that the concert will be completely on her dime and the fans will not have to pay for a ticket! She also streamed the concert live through her Instagram so that the fans who couldn’t make it could also join in on the special performance!


Overwhelmed by her thoughtfulness, her fans even held a special airplane event for her during the show! An unforgetful moment for both the artist and her fans!


Anne Marie couldn’t help but shed tears as she also felt the love reciprocated by her fans.


After hearing how Anne Marie took personal measures to reveal the truth and keep her promise to her fans, Korean netizens showered her with praise!


Here’s to more amazing moments for Anne Marie and her Korean fans!

Source: Sports Chosun and @pinkcloudaway_