Another Female Idol Has Admitted To Undergoing Extensive Plastic Surgery

This long-time idol admitted to the whole package.

After School‘s Lizzy admitted at a press conference for FashionN‘s fashion and beauty show Follow Me 9 that she has undergone plastic surgery.


Lizzy was asked whether she was jealous of her fellow MCs’ physical beauty, and she responded that she is very happy with her face after the cosmetic surgery she underwent.

“Honestly, I’m very satisfied with my face. I got a whole package (of cosmetic surgery) done so there’s nothing I’m envious of. It’s been a long time since I went under the knife but people still criticize me, saying I look like I got more cosmetic surgery. It’s all set in place now. It’s just that my makeup artist has changed.” — Lizzy


Follow Me 9 is a real fashion and beauty show that features celebrity tips on makeup, fashion and skincare. It first aired in 2012 and is now at it’s 9th season.

Lizzy is participating as an MC alongside singer Lee Soo Min, model Kim Nam Hui, and actresses Jang Hui JinJeon Hye Bin, and Son Soo Hyun.


Lizzy is being called Follow Me 9‘s “beauty fairy”! She’s never afraid to teach fellow beauticians about beauty techniques, including going under the knife!

Source: MBN