Another Alleged Victim Accuses Nam Joo Hyuk Of School Bullying, Agency Responds

Another person has spoken out.

It looks like another person has spoken up about school bullying and actor Nam Joo Hyuk once again. News report that Person A, who attended Suil High School with Nam Joo Hyuk, met with a news outlet and recalled the school violence that they had suffered. 

Person A also remembered the exact names of the students who tormented them, including Nam Joo Hyuk. Person A stated, “During high school, Nam Joo Hyuk bullied me with violence and abusive language. I forgot the pain of the past for awhile, but watching the movie with him in it, the old wounds burst and was painful”.

They also claimed that the bullying by Nam Joo Hyuk continued all throughout their school days. 

Nam Joo Hyuk always forced me to turn on my phone’s hot spot and also took my phone so that he could use it. Whenever he got caught using my phone from the teacher, he would say that it’s not his and would turn my phone in. Nam Joo Hyuk used my phone more than me throughout school.

He would also use my phone and purchase games and game items that cost quite a bit. When I asked him for money because my parents pay for my phone, he asked why he had to give me money, and so I never received any money.


Person A revealed that they had to fight unwillingly at times because of Nam Joo Hyuk. Nam Joo Hyuk called this “sparring”. 

If I refused Nam Joo Hyuk’s request or he did not like the group, he would designate a sparring partner for me and made us fight. His group would make a ring around me and the opponent and we would have to fight.

Person A revealed that as this went on, they did not want to fight anymore and chose to just be hit instead. They also revealed that getting snacks for Nam Joo Hyuk also continued throughout their school days. 

One day Nam Joo Hyuk told me that if I bought him bread in 3 minutes he will free me from this ‘bread shuttle’. I ran to get his bread but he said that it took longer than three minutes and I would have to continue doing this.

Through all of this, person A revealed that they endured through this because they felt that succeeding was the only way to get back at those that bullied them. 

I endured the bullying throughout school because I thought that getting a good job and living a good life would be revenge for them. Due to the bullying I suffered from Nam Joo Hyuk, I even suffered from social phobia in the past.

I also saw the article that Nam Joo Hyuk denied the school violence and sued person B. It is painful to think about the pain of the past, and I am living a normal life now, but seeing my friend being sued made me stand up too. I wish he would acknowledge the mistakes of the past and stop working. It hurts so much every time I see him.

Previously, the mother of person B, who first exposed Nam Joo Hyuk’s school violence, spoke up.

A lot of the interview in the first article that was released went out of line with what was said, and the agency is proceeding with a lawsuit without confirming the facts and is committing a second offense. These kids are being traumatized for the rest of their life because of the bullying. The victims of the bullying are still living with pain in their hearts to this day.

In regards to this, Nam Joo Hyuk’s agency Management Soop revealed their position.

We have confirmed the allegations made by the informant and all of the claims are groundless. Even if the position of the actor and the company is that it is groundless and this is published in an article, the actor and the actor’s family are the ones who are ultimately harmed by the article, so we ask that you please understand this.

Previously, an alleged victim accused Nam Joo Hyuk of school bullying for six years, but Nam’s agency firmly denied the allegations. Most recently, the alleged victim changed their story after the agency denied the accusations.

Source: sports khan