Anti-Fans Trying To Start A Twitter War Between BTS and Demi Lovato

There was a bit of an online frenzy when a number of alleged quotes from Demi Lovato upset BTS fans.


The quotes went viral all over social media and were saying that BTS shouldn’t participate in the AMAs as they are not American. 

The tweets in question all included images of Demi Lovato and appeared to be about to spark an all-out war on Twitter. 

Demi Lovato had allegedly said the quotes when she was asked about BTS on the AMA red carpet…

Eagle-eyed fans noticed, however, that Demi Lovato had not even arrived at the event when the quote was attributed to her on Twitter.

Another quote was attributed to Demi Lovato and it was claimed she had said it at an interview before the award show.

A quick search, however, revealed that all of the “quotes” were deemed to be fake and were not said by the artist at all. 

In fact, Demi Lovato recently tweeted a short clip of BTS dancing to her performance with a heart.

No beef there, it seems, but there has been no other word from both sides about the online incident yet. 

Source: Refinery29