Anti-LGBT Gay Conversion Event To Be Held At The Same Time As Seoul Pride Festival

And it will be taking place very close by.

South Korea is getting ready to host their annual Pride festival on July 14, but this year there will have a few uninvited guests hosting an anti-LGBTQ event very close by.

A photo of the Pride festival in Seoul last year.


A religious group, who goes by the name Holylife, has organized their own festival to be held on the same day as the Pride event and it will be held very close by.

Protesters at the Pride Festival in Seoul last year.

The group is probably best known for promoting gay conversion therapy and even offers courses that supposedly treat everything from anger and depression to addiction and homosexuality.


Their calling their festival “Better than Queer” and have already announced a number of anti-LGBTQ speakers for the event, including pastors and the head of a U.S based pro-conversion group.


In addition to the religious speakers, the group has also been heavily promoting Lee Yo Na.

Lee Yo Na

He had lived as a gay man for 43 years and owned a gay bar before saying that he had been turned straight.


This isn’t the first time that the group has held an event to counter the Pride parade. This will actually be the fifth year that this has happened.

A previous event hosted by Holylife called “Healing Together.”


So far, the LGBTQ community has not voiced any major opposition to the event but they are hoping that it won’t impact their own festival negatively.

Source: Korean Herald