Anti-fans attack IOI by shooting lasers in their eyes during performance

Fans are angry when they discovered that I.O.I and DIA’s Jung Chaeyeon was attacked by a laser pointer. 

A recent performance video of girl group I.O.I is currently making fans furious as it clearly shows member Chayeon being disturbed by what appears to be a laser pointer beam on her face. During this performance on October 26th, I.O.I performed a variety of songs along with their current title track “Very Very Very.”

During the group’s performance of their side track, “Doo Wap”, and when it was Chaeyeon’s turn to sing, a laser beam can clearly be seen on her face. The laser pointer moved around her face and even went into her eye at one point. Regardless of the laser, Chaeyeon continued to sing her part while keeping a smile on her face.

Although the singer was able to continue her performance without a hitch, fans were left wondering who would do such an act. The anger is fully justified by the fact that laser beams can cause some lasting damage when pointed directly at someone’s eye.

Here is a screenshot of the moment where the laser was pointed at her face.


Check out the video below. The incident can be seen at the 25 second mark.

Source: Dispatch