AOA Mina’s activities halted after death of father

Devastating news of the passing of AOA Mina’s father has spread through the media, garnering the condolences and sadness from netizens all across the globe.

On November 29th, AOA’s agency FNC Entertainment released a statement saying, “Mina’s father, Mr. Kwon, has passed away on the 29th around 8am after succumbing to cancer. The mortuary is located at Hyewon St. Mary’s Hospital Funeral Hall in Kyeongbuk Chilgok while the date of the funeral service has been set for December 1st.

FNC Entertainment also announced that although Mina has recently been busy participating in the filming of SBS drama Modern Farmer, most of her time off in-between her busy schedules were spent alongside her father for the last three months while he was being treated for cancer in a hospital in Incheon. The agency added that the idol was alongside her father even during the last few minutes of his life.

Many netizens who have come across this unfortunate news have left comments of support, sending their condolences and prayers to Mina and her family, stating, “I wonder how much pain she’s in right now…” “Please cheer up, Mina and family,” “This makes me so sad,” and, “I’ll be praying for your family. Rest in peace.

Meanwhile, the other AOA members carried on with their regular activities by performing on stage for the November 29th broadcast of MBC’s Music Core while dressed in black outfits to show their condolences for their fellow member Mina and her family.

FNC Entertainment stated that Mina has currently halted all activities in order to be with her family during this hard time and future activities will be discussed after the funeral services are completed.

Source: Aju News, SBS News, and Tistory