AOA unveils new group logo hinting on upcoming album concept

Following news of AOA‘s upcoming comeback in mid-June, a new logo of the group was recently unveiled on their official Facebook page.

With a cheerful message, a photo of an AOA logo framed inside a heart shape made by hands that are likely to belong to a member of the group was recently posted. Similar to their official logo, the new logo shows the symbolic wings that signifys the group’s concept of the members as being angels.

Printed on a bright yellow fabric, the logo hints fans on the concept behind their anticipated comeback since “Like A Cat” six months ago. In addition to the colorful manicure of the pair of hands that made the heart shape, with their comeback to be near summer, fans are looking forward to a concept relating to the hot season of the year.

[Message from #AOA]안녕 엘비스!드디어 아오아 컴백이닷>_<두근두근 심장떨렷조금만 기다려줘♥Hello Elvis!Finally we come back>_<Is your heart fluttering like us?Plz wait for us♥

Posted by AOA on Thursday, June 4, 2015