AOA’s Choa to model for NBA’s S/S clothing line

AOA‘s Choa announces that she will be modeling for NBA‘s clothing line for their spring and summer collection.

Rising in popularity in the music industry, AOA’s Choa is modeling with her sexy side for NBA‘s upcoming 2015 spring and summer clothing line. Aiming for the theme of sexy street fashion and hip hop, Choa was selected to represent NBA for their new outfits.

Recently promoting with their sexy track, “Like a Cat,” Choa was seen fit for NBA‘s concept which aimed for a youthful and refreshing look. With her attention-grabbing appearance, Choa fit the most ideal type of style that the company was searching for.

In an image, Choa is seen wearing a snap back that reads “Sixers” in addition to a floral tracksuit jacket which represents the Chicago Bulls. Additional photos will be released shortly while NBA Style clothing is available for purchase through their official website.

Source: Segye