AOA’s Choa reveals she auditioned and was rejected from SM Entertainment 15 times

AOA‘s Choa shared some interesting yet shocking news on the most recent episode of MBC‘s Golden Fishery – Radio Star.

Vitamin star Susie Kang, Choa, Im Soo Hyang, and Kim Sae Rom recently guested on the May 20th episode of Radio Star.

It is there that Choa revealed to the cast and viewers, “I wanted to become a singer. I saw Girls’ Generation when they were trainees and I envied that image so I auditioned for SM. I failed 15 times. After that, I auditioned for JYP, but I was dropped towards the end.”

She further shares that “my parents’ opposition was so severe that I went to the auditions alone. I was an IPTV sales person,” and revealed, “I was on the central district team and we were the top team. There were times I raked in nearly 5 million won ($4,565 USD) per month.”

Source: OSEN (1 and 2)