AOA’s Jimin boldly asks Jay Park out for a date on live radio

In a recent radio airing of Park Kyung Lim’s 2 O’clock Date on July 8th, AOA‘s Jimin revealed to the public who her ideal type is before boldly asking him out.

Guesting alongside other AOA members, they played a game titled “Who would you like to go to the sea [beach] with World Cup [edition],” in which Jimin was asked to choose between hip-hop artist Jay Park and ballad artist Sung Si Kyung.

Jimin ultimately chose Jay Park, and the AOA members commented, “Jimin probably already decided with her heart,” further revealing that Jay Park is Jimin’s ideal type and fan.

The AOA leader then boldly said, “Park Jaebom sunbaenim, when you have time, would you like to visit the sea with me? I love you.”

Source: Star Today