AOA’s “Like a Cat” MV reaches 1 million views

Just two day after the release of their track, the music video for  AOA‘s “Like A Cat” is revealed to have reached 1 million views on Youtube! 

On November 13th, it was noted that the music video for AOA’s “Like A Cat,” reached 1 million views on Youtube with their fans and followers celebrating the milestone.

To thank fans for such achievement, AOA updated their personal account with the message announcing such a feat and posted a selca with it. It reads, “This is AOA’s Jimin! ‘Like a Cat’ MV has exceeded 1 million views!!!! Wow, thank you. Something special at 3 million views~ will be released! Please give us lots of love, kkyung.”

Meanwhile, AOA has been receiving a lot of attention for their sexy new music video for their song “Like a Cat.” The group has been promoting heavily for their latest comeback, and all their hard work is finally paying off! Numerous trailers, beautiful still cuts and a wonderful comeback showcase have all contributed to their comeback hype as they tease fans with their themed music video.

Congratulations to AOA and their 1 million views milestone!