Fans Are Concerned For AOA Seolhyun’s Health After Seeing Her Instagram Story

Fans hope it isn’t anything too serious.

Many fans are worried about AOA‘s Seolhyun after the idol reported abnormalities in her vision.

Seolhyun | @s2seolhyuns2/Instagram

On July 25, Seolhyun wrote about her change in vision and asked her fans if they had ever experienced something similar.

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Does anyone know what causes your sight to seem cut off, like a face-time call on broken wifi?

— Seolhyun

| @s2seolhyuns2/Instagram

Fans wrote in their concerns while sharing what they thought might be causing her blurred vision.

Are you eating well? I heard this is a common symptom of hunger.

— Fan

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  • Fan: “Might it be astigmatism?”
  • Seolhyun: “I don’t think so.”
| @s2seolhyuns2/Instagram
  • Fan: “Unnie, might it be Orthostatic Hypertension?”
  • Seolhyun: “It’s like that even while sitting down.”
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  • Fan: “My vision is like that as well, but my doctor says nothing is wrong with my eye ㅜㅜ. Please share with us when you find out.”
  • Seolhyun: “I wish I knew.”

Seolhyun thanked her fans for sharing their thoughts and their worries, but it seems the idol has yet to find a cause for her vision troubles.

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The singer-turned-actress debuted with AOA in 2012 and has since become one of K-Pop’s most beloved talents and is also one of Korea’s most coveted endorsement models.

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The idol has been concentrating her efforts in her acting career as of late, starring in highly touted projects such as Seoyoung, My Daughter, Gangnam Blues, Memoir Of A Murderer, and The Great Battle. Most recently, the actress received favorable reviews for her starring role in tvN‘s K-Drama, The Killer’s Shopping List, featuring Lee Kwang Soo.

Poster for The Killer’s Shopping List | tvN
Source: @ s2seolhyuns2/Instagram