AOMG Artist Ugly Duck Is Prosecuted For Injury Charges After Assaulting Someone At A Club

The victim’s medical certificate confirmed it.

Last month, AOMG artist Ugly Duck was accused of assaulting a man several times at a club. After the accusation, AOMG stated that some of the reported facts were inaccurate and that they would explain after the investigation.

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On April 24, the Gangnam Police Station in Seoul sent Ugly Duck the prosecution on charges of injury. According to the police, Ugly Duck was accused of assaulting someone repeatedly at a club in Sinsa, and the medical certificate of the victim confirmed it.

The victim’s medical certificate and related statements confirmed the alleged injury so it was submitted.

— Gangnam Police Station

This isn’t the first time Ugly Duck was caught in a controversy regarding an assault. In December 2017, he assaulted a DJ at a bar in Itaewon which caused them to be injured for two weeks.


Source: Tenasia and Sports Chosun
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