AOMG’s Jay Park And Gray Cancels Scheduled Performance At KNIVAL Music Carnival

AOMG announced why they had to cancel their performance.

Jay Park and Gray were originally scheduled to perform at the KNIVAL Music Carnival in Thailand on April 13. However, AOMG announced that they had to cancel their appearances because of the carnival’s managerial issues.

AOMG stated in their official statement that the carnival’s promoter and agency used their images without approval, failed to pay on time, and could not pay for their scheduled performances.

“Hello, this is AOMG.

We want to inform our fans that JAY PARK and GRAY will not be performing at @knivalofficial that was scheduled to be held in Thailand, April 13 2019 due to promoter and agency using/posting our Artists’ images without approval, failing to meet the payment deadline and failure of payment for the performance. We apologize to all of our fans for the inconvenience caused, and to minimize the damage our fans may face, we wanted to release this information immediately.”



KNIVAL soon announced that the event itself has been cancelled. They explained that the Korean agency who played a middleman between the artists’ labels and KNIVAL’s hosts breached their contract by violating image rights and failing to make payment.

KNIVAL apologized as they announced that fans will be able to get a full refund on their tickets.

“Due to the breach of the contract between Korean agency (the middleman) and KNIVAL’s host about the artists contact and providing. This is also included other problems, which the agency has the payment and image rights violated as the labels has announced. This situation causes the labels and KNIVAL’s host to cancel the event unavoidably.

We are sincerely sorry for this inconvenience. This situation is the last thing we could ever want to happen, but we have to estimate and minimize the damages causing by this problem.

We, KNIVAL, feel truly regret for belated announcement because we have not received any clarification from agency to this situation, including the responsibility to the event, which we have the crucial damage, too.

However, for the fans, who have bought and paid for the tickets, you can have a full amount of refund. The relate information for the refund will be announced within tomorrow on our pages.[sic]”



Big name artists in K-Hiphop were scheduled to perform alongside Jay Park and Gray, such as Hyolyn, Jessi, Nam Taehyun and more.