Aori Ramen Chain Officially Breaks Ties With Seungri In Hopes Of Regaining Customers

They hope it will renew the customers’ faith in their brand.

Seungri‘s ramen restaurant chain, Aori Ramen, has recently been hit with low sales since his scandal was first announced early this year. His chain was growing rapidly by setting up more than 50 stores globally. However, sales have drastically plummeted since his scandal continued to grow.

Empty seats at Seungri’s father’s Aori Ramen store since the scandal.

Back in February, Aori Ramen announced that Seungri will be resigning as its CEO because of conflicts with his plans to enlist in the military.

Although Seungri was no longer an executive head, sales still continued to dwindle. In hopes of preventing further damage, Aori FNB announced that it has cut off all ties with Seungri and Yuri Holdings – two parties that are involved in the current scandal.

Aori FNB made an official announcement, apologizing to their loyal customers and store owners. They asked customers to think of the store owners who had no ties to Seungri and become loyal patrons once more.

As Aori Ramen is famous for having stores run by Seungri’s family members and close acquaintances, Aori FNB announced that every store that was connected to Seungri has decided to close up shop.

They hope the severed ties will regain their sales once again.

Seungri posing at Choi Jonghoon’s Aori Ramen branch.

Check out their full statement below:

“Hello, this is Aori Ramen’s head company, Aori FNB.

Through this statement, we wish to apologies to all of our treasured customers and store owners who believed in Aori Ramen. We apologize for making you worry because of the recent scandals.

As CEO Lee Seung Hyun (Seungri) resigned due to conflicts with his military enlistment, Aori Ramen recruited a new professional manager to continue on a stable operation.

On March 7, we held our first meeting with our franchise store owners to prepare a plan for their compensation. As situations improve, we plan on creating additional systems to protect our stores.

In order to protect Aori Ramen’s stores and brand, we decided to end our relations with Seungri and Yuri Holdings. In preparation for our new beginning, we recruited a new manager and are in the process of transferring managerial rights to new partners who can successfully lead our business.

The 43 domestic Aori Ramen stores are not all run by acquaintances or family members. Some are run solely by business partners. The stores that are connected to the recent scandal decided to close their stores in order to prevent further damage to the rest of the franchise.

Store owners who have no connections to recent events have worked hard over the years but are currently affected by the horrific news. Aori Ramen’s headquarters will work diligently to prevent any further damage to these stores.

We ask all of our customers who have loved Aori Ramen so far for further understanding, and we will do our best to present the best taste and quality as Aori Ramen.”

— Aori FNB

Source: Newsen and Money Today