A Tragic Apartment Fire In Seoul Causes Two Deaths On Christmas Day

The police reportedly found the cause of the fire.

A fire in Dobong District, Seoul, tragically took the lives of two people on Christmas Day. The police reportedly found what may have caused the fire.

A fire started on the third floor of an apartment in Dobong District Seoul on Christmas morning. | Edaily

In the break of dawn on December 25, an apartment in Dobong District, Seoul, caught on fire, and two men in their thirties passed away.

According to the Seoul Dobong Police Station, 32-year-old Mr. Park, who lived on the floor above the fire, jumped from the fourth floor of the building while holding his 7-month-old daughter. Park managed to save only his child as he landed on the ground, ultimately passing away due to “blunt force injuries due to the fall.” Before he jumped, his wife jumped off with their 2-year-old firstborn into a pile of burlap sacks and survived.

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A security guard at the scene expressed his sorrow, saying that four security guards, including him, had saved five people by holding the burlap sacks.

However, the man who died seemed to be in a hurry and jumped out the window where there were no burlap sacks below.

— Security guard

Related authorities inspected the fire site on Wednesday morning. | News1

In addition, 38-year-old Mr. Im was found collapsed on the 11th-floor staircase of the apartment. The police concluded he passed away due to smoke inhalation. Im was discovered in a state of cardiac arrest on the stairs after helping his family evacuate first.

According to News1‘s report on December 26, the fire started in a small room on the third floor. A police official explained that the fire must have started in the small room adjacent to the living room. They collected cigarette butts and lighters as evidence from this room. After the fire department and the Korea Electric Power Corporation investigated the scene, the police announced that the fire was not caused by electrical factors or gas leakage but did not provide detailed information.

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According to the police, the fire alarm system was working correctly at the time of the accident, but during the inspection, all fire doors were open, and the apartment’s structure made the fire spread quickly. Additionally, no sprinklers were installed on the third floor. A police official stated that the possibility of arson was low, and there was a possibility of negligence by a resident.

Source: The Hankyoreh, News1 and Edaily