“Touch My Breasts” Gangnam’s “Box Girl” Sparks Outrage And Disgust


Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of graphic content that may disturb some readers.

A woman known as “Apgujeong Box Girl” is going viral.

“Apgujeong’s Box Girl” | FM Korea

On October 16, it was reported that a woman dressed in a box with holes in it had been walking around Gangnam’s Apgujeong area and asking men to touch her breasts.

In an online community post, a netizen uploaded several photos of the woman walking and talking to men.

FM Korea

According to news sites, many reportedly suspect that this NSFW stunt was a marketing ploy, pointing to the fact that the woman’s box had a QR code on it. One report also states that similar stunts had been done in Japan and in Europe.

Seoul Shinmun spoke with the infamous woman, who is reportedly a Korean adult actress, and according to the woman, the stunt was a performance art piece in response to society’s double standards towards women’s bodies.

I thought it was weird that people don’t care when men take off their shirts, but when women take off their clothes, they are punished for it. This is a type of performance art that breaks this (double standard).

— Apgujeng Box Girl

Netizens, however, were not convinced by the adult actress’s “performance” and claimed this was nothing more than an act of soliciting customers to her porn site.

  • “It’s just marketing and soliciting.”
  • “WTF… Sigh.”
  • “The men who actually touch her are insane. Aren’t they embarrassed?”
  • “Ah, tattoos and porn marketing, LOL. That tells you everything you need to know, LOL.”
  • “If you watch her interview, she says that if she gains over 100k followers, she’s going to make another hole in the box…”
  • “Ew…”
  • “Do you pay her after touching her?”
  • “How much do you need to be paid to do that? Doesn’t she have any shame? That woman and the bastards who touch her are all the same.”
  • “Ah f@ck… Our country is f@cked…”
  • “Ew, I don’t want to know.”
  • “There is no reason to say it is performance art or any other weird excuse. This is marketing for your porn. Just say it like it is.”

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Source: seoul shinmun