Apink announces their return to Shanghai with “Pink Paradise” concert

Apink fans will have yet another opportunity to see the girl group in Shanghai this May.

The girl group announced on May 6th via Twitter in both Chinese and Korean that they would have another Pink Paradise concert in Shanghai.

It reads, “Hello, everyone! This is Apink! On May 30, 2015, Apink’s 1st concert ‘Pink Paradise’ is coming to find you in Shanghai! With full of passion in Shanghai, China, we can’t wait to make good memories with our fans! Apink’s ‘Pink Paradise’ will unfold at ‘Shanghai for the Stage!’ Together with you, this is just paradise! I can’t wait to see you at ‘Shanghai for the Stage’ on May 30!”

The girl group has held their Pink Paradise concerts in South Korea before taking the series overseas to Singapore. The group took a lengthy break between their South Korean and Singaporean concert, with some of the members taking to variety shows and other activities to keep them busy.

While Apink has not been very active on music shows and competitions, Pink Paradise was an alternative for A Cube to promote their flagship girl group.

The group recently returned from their performance at the Korea Times Music Festival in Los Angeles, California. They will most likely take a few weeks’ break before heading to Japan on the 24th for their promotion for the Japanese version of “LUV.” It is also likely they will be simultaneously preparing for Shanghai.