Apink’s Bomi & Chorong Deemed “Angels” After Finding New Home For Abandoned Dog

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After Apink‘s Chorong and Bomi recently revealed they’d found a new home for an abandoned dog named Sungnyung, netizens are hailing the pair as true “angels”.

The Apink members first revealed Sungnyung to fans back in October. In a saddening Instagram update, Chorong explained that the adorable spitz dog was found left on the road with nothing but a blanket and a note. Luckily, Chorong and Bomi were there to open their hearts—and home—to him.

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According to Eunji, Chorong was the member who decided to adopt Sungnyung. Of course, since Chorong and Bomi have been living together since their rookie days, Bomi became the pooch’s co-owner too.

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From the moment Sungnyung joined the “ChoBbom” household, the pair couldn’t stop sharing adorable snaps with him.

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Bomi is actually allergic to dogs, which may explain why Sungnyung got a haircut. Of course, that didn’t stop her from showering him with as much love as possible.

The other members soon fell for him too, with Hayoung praising the dog’s obedience on social media.

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But while adopting an abandoned street dog is admirable enough, there’s something even more heartwarming about this story: Chorong and Bomi decided to only foster Sungnyung temporarily until they could find him the perfect home. Since both members are busy with their own schedules, it seems they believed Sungnyung would have the happiest life in a family with more time on their hands.

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It can’t be easy to welcome a dog into your life knowing you’ll say goodbye soon, so it’s no surprise Korean media outlets have deemed Chorong and Bomi “angel” idols for their touching commitment to the abandoned pup.

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Letting go must have been particularly difficult for Bomi, whose own dog passed away a few years ago.

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Yesterday, the trio’s bond finally came to a bittersweet end. In a new Instagram post, Chorong told fans that after three weeks of fostering, they pair sent Sungnyung to his new home. Thankfully, she assured fans that they were able to bid the dog farewell happily after finding a great new owner.

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Here’s hoping that Chorong and Bomi can give all that love to a permanent puppy one day soon!

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