Apink’s Bomi Suffers From Neck Pain During Comebacks—Here’s The Unexpected Reason Why

She revealed the reason behind her pains!

Fans always look forward to Apink‘s comebacks, and Bomi recently gave them a hilarious tidbit of information about their comebacks that brought laughter to her members and fans!


Apink recently appeared on IDDP, where they looked up their names and information about themselves on the internet!


When it was Bomi’s turn to search her name online, she read a comment that came from a well-meaning fan about her visuals-particularly her side profile!

‘Pandas [Apink’s fandom name] are well-familiar with the value of her side line, to the extent, her side line looks pretty.’


Bomi revealed that she also prefers her side profile more, but that often leads to neck pain during comebacks as she tries to pose with her side profile in view almost 90% of the time!

I also prefer my side look, over my front look. So, my neck gets hurt often because I pose sideways like this! I pose like this everyday even when I’m dancing.


Her hilarious answer is just like her, but she’s a visual queen from every single angle!

Watch her talk about it here!

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