Apink Bomi’s small fanmeet venue turns out to be her father’s local supermarket

The true purpose of Apink Yoon Bomi’s recent “Super Signing Event” was revealed on the December 17th at 8:50PM KST on the broadcast of SBSNight of TV Entertainment.

Recently, pictures of Bomi’s fan signing event at the supermarket in Gyeonggi-do surfaced online. The reporter for Night of TV Entertainment went to the event to investigate.

As it turned out, the owner of the supermarket, where the signing event was being held at, was actually Bomi’s father, who said, “This is Bomi’s home.” The father explained that the event at the supermarket wasn’t an official fan signing event, but rather an impromptu occurrence because the neighborhood kids wanted to see Bomi when she was down in the area during one of her breaks.

Meanwhile, after keeping their promise for the recent success with their promotions for “LUV,” Apink officially unveils the concert poster for Pink Paradise. Also, just recently, the girls received their 8th trophy on SBS Inkigayotaking their 9th on the December 16th episode of SBS MTV’s The Show.

Source: News1

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