Apink’s Bomi And Chorong Felt Anxious And Worried Years Into Their Debut—Here’s Why

They may not be the only idols to have experienced this.

Apink‘s Bomi and Chorong, collectively known as CHOBOM, are veteran K-Pop idols who have been active in the industry for over a decade. The group rose to fame with hit songs like “My My,” “NoNoNo,” “Mr. Chu,” and many more.

Apink’s Bomi and Chorong

As a duo, they released the song “Copycat” in July of 2022, and it couldn’t be easier to listen to! The lovely melody, coupled with the girls’ beautiful voices, instantly make it one of the best releases of the year.

But while their first single album is undoubtedly a win, that doesn’t mean the rest of their careers was smooth-sailing. In a recent interview with Weverse Magazine, the singers opened up about feeling worried several years into their debut.

Bomi explained that she started to feel anxious when she considered her future. She didn’t know what she wanted to do, and she thought about what it would be like to be on her own.

Seven or eight years after I debuted, I started to worry a lot—like, what should I do in the future, and what would happen if I had to go on my own?

— Bomi


Similarly, Chorong also experienced feeling worried. In her case, she became anxious even before she did a task, and she was especially harsh on herself. She would tell herself that she didn’t have what it takes to be famous, and she believed she would “screw things up.”

There was a time where I would be filled with worry, even before I started something. I talked down to myself a lot, too, telling myself I wasn’t cut out to be famous and that I would screw things up even if I was given a chance.

— Chorong


The negativity that invaded their thoughts couldn’t have been easy to cope with. It’s also possible that other K-Pop idols experience the same thing. Luckily, both women managed to overcome it and change their perspective.

Bomi now tries to live in the moment, remembering to be grateful for what she has. She also vowed to “try everything there is to try,” showing how much more free-spirited she currently is.

But now I try to focus on the present and go with the flow, and keep things fun and be grateful. I want to try everything there is to try!

— Bomi

And finally, Chorong was also able to beat her demons. Mentally, she is now in a better place. She does her best to have fun in all her activities, and her new perspective has already helped her in work!

But I’m more mentally relaxed now, and I try to enjoy whatever I’m doing once I get there. Now that I’m trying to keep things fun, the things I work on are turning out better. I want to try a lot of things and keep it fun.

— Chorong

Meanwhile, watch the music video for “Copycat” below.

Source: Weverse Magazine


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