Apink Is Confident They’ve Overcome The Dreaded “7-Year Jinx”

Apink easily overcame the “7-year jinx” through excellent teamwork! Here’s to another 7 years and more!

Apink recently performed at their comeback showcase for their 7th mini album “ONE & SIX”.

The showcase was held at the Yes24 Live Hall in Gwangjang-dong, Seoul on July 2, 2018.


Apink debuted back in 2011, making this year the 7th year since their debut. The 7th year is a turning point for most idol groups because of the dreaded “7-year jinx”.


The “7-year jinx” arises from the fact that most idol groups sign a 7-year contract with their entertainment agencies. Once the 7 years is up, many idol groups end up disbanding or changing the structure of their group due to each members’ individual plans or the matter of re-signing with the same agency or not.

Idol groups who failed at overcoming the 7-year jinx include SISTAR, 4MINUTE, and Rainbow, who ended up disbanding after 7 years of success. BEAST, miss A, INFINITE, and Secret, on the other hand, went through changes in their group structure after their 7-year contract was over.


Luckily, Apink easily overcame this “7-year jinx” and this was apparently possible due to the good relationship between the members and their quick decision-making.

“The secret to our longrunning teamwork is that we don’t worry. We resigned our contracts early. We were already aware of our members’ opinions and had already resigned, so there was nothing to worry about when we hit our 7th year.” ㅡ Eunji


Eunji also added that she was confident the Apink members would be able to show more varying colors in the future and it seems like the opportunity has finally come.

“I was determined that our members would be able to show more varying colors and I think we were able to fulfill this side of us through ‘I’m So Sick’.” ㅡ Eunji


Apink succeeded in completely transforming their image from “pure” to “sexy” through their comeback, proving that they are capable of pulling off any concept. Check out Apink’s comeback performance of “I’m So Sick” below!

Source: Star Today and Chosun