Netizen Tries To Frighten Apink’s Eunji During Live Broadcast By Exposing Her Home Location

It happened after she confessed that she was afraid to expose her home.

Apink‘s Eunji recently held a live voice broadcast in the early morning of June 5th to communicate with her fans who couldn’t fall asleep.

She began by thanking her fans for all of their support.

I was so thankful (for my fans) during our promotions.

ㅡ Eunji


Later in the broadcast, Eunji began talking about the location of her home and she stated that she didn’t want to reveal where she lived, especially due to the series of threats Apink received in the past.

I don’t want to reveal my house. We had a huge episode for awhile so I’m afraid of revealing my home in general.

ㅡ Eunji


Apink was plagued by a blackmailer, who was identified as a man in his 30’s living in Canada, for over a year who made several false reports and bomb threats. Apink was forced to cancel numerous schedules due to the severity of the man’s threats.


Eunji referred back to this blackmailer and told her fans that she would prefer to reveal her studio instead of her home.

I don’t know how the person would take it if I say I am scared but that person was very bad. I don’t want to think about it anymore but sometimes, I don’t want to do the (live broadcast). I can reveal my studio rather than my home. I’ll turn on the live broadcast often in places other than my house.

ㅡ Eunji


One netizen, who was listening to Eunji’s broadcast, had apparently left a comment during this time, however, revealing the building that she lived in.

When fans were surprised at the comment, Eunji calmly stated that a strange person had entered and announced that she reported the netizen.

A weird person has entered. Just leave. I reported them as well. I’m not afraid of those people. It’s not scary anymore and I don’t know why they do that. Go live your life.

ㅡ Eunji


Listen to Eunji’s voice broadcast below:

Source: Dispatch