Apink’s Eunji Calls Out Stalkers For Invading Her Privacy At Home

“I can no longer respect those who only think about their feelings and desires.”

Idols have worked hard for their dreams and to live a life doing what they love. Sadly, the life of an idol also comes with some negative elements such as stalkers. Apink‘s Eunji is one idol who has recently spoken up about stalkers going too far.

Apink’s Eunji recently spoke out on her Twitter account against stalkers who have been going as far as to go to her house. Eunji explained that the stalking is not only a nuisance to her but to her neighbors as well. Instead of being disrespectful, Eunji requested that everyone just love healthily.

These days, there are people who come to my house. Not only do I dislike it, but it’s becoming a disturbance to those around me. I can no longer respect those who only think about their feelings and desires. Let’s love in healthy ways.

— Eunji

Eunji continued and also mentioned how many private photos of her beloved dog Kkong were circulating the internet. Eunji expressed that people have been invading her privacy and visiting her house in order to gain such pictures of Kkong.

I get upset when I see photos of Kkong (Jung Eun Ji’s dog) apart from those I have uploaded personally or shared during a live that has been forcefully dug up and circulated online. If you feel personally ashamed after seeing these words, please straighten yourselves out.

— Eunji

Because of past incidents, Eunji has had to stick with audio-only live broadcasts to protect her privacy.

Source: Top Star News and @artist_eunji