Apink to gift fans with new song and release photobook for 5th debut anniversary

Girl group Apink will be celebrating their 5th debut anniversary soon and has revealed their upcoming plans for the event.

According to Plan A Entertainment, Apink’s fan song will be released on April 19th. It is a song that relays Apink’s pure love for their fans with lyrics written by group leader Park Chorong which has raised anticipation among fans even more. In addition, the song will also act as a gift to local fans who weren’t able to see Apink last year as their activities for “Remember” were short and were instead more active with their overseas schedule.

Along with the new song, fans can purchase a photobook by Apink which was shot in the United States and will showcase a unique and different side of the girl group that is not normally shown on stage.

On a side note, this isn’t the first time an Apink member’s self-written track was released as a fan song for their anniversary with Jung Eunji’s “Promise U” unveiled for the group’s 4th anniversary.

Source: Sports World