Apink’s Hayoung, Choi Jung Won, And Kang In Soo To Star In Upcoming Web Series

We can’t wait for another great web drama!

The upcoming web series Starting Point of Dating just finalized its cast! The K-Drama’s co-producers, The Queen AMC and Mystery Friends, announced, “[Apink‘s] HayoungKang In Soo, and Choi Jung Won have been confirmed as the leads of Starting Point of Dating.

Starting Point of Dating will be a romantic comedy about the misunderstandings and shenanigans that occur when a student trying to find a job suddenly loses her phone. The drama will be directed and written by actor Kim Seung Woo.

Hayoung will be starring as Choi Soo Yeon, an energetic college student who lives with her uncle after her parents passed away in a car accident. Kang In Soo will be playing Kye Han Sol, a charming café owner. Finally, Choi Jung Won will be featured as Yoo In Hae, a musical diva who dotes on Choi Soo Yeon.

We can’t wait!

Source: Sports World