Apink’s Hayoung Clarifies Rumors About A Ring Seen On Her Left Hand

She clarified everything about the situation!

Apink‘s Hayoung is loved by all her fans, but a certain rumor about a ring gifted to her by a fan had everybody talking for a long time!

Hayoung | @_ohhayoung_/Instagram

Apink recently appeared on IDDP, and looked up their names online to see what the internet says about them!


When it was Hayoung’s turn, she went through old photos of her from middle school and high school, and read out a comment that pointed out how she had a ring with a simple design on her left hand!

‘She’s wearing a ring on her the first finger on her left hand. This has caused many to become curious, and had some sort of concern. According to what she [Hayoung] said, this is a ring from a young fan from a fansigning event who gave it to her, telling her that he wants to get married to her later. So it’s said that she’s never taken it off since then.’


Hayoung then quickly stepped in to clarify this particular rumor, saying that the ring she was given at the fan sign event and the one in the picture are completely different!

Fans are so curious about the ring! Actually, I rarely put the ring on. It has no meaning at all. You don’t need to be suspicious at all.


She then further clarified that the story about the young fan at the fan signing event was indeed true, and that she still remembers him fondly!

He was such a baby, and he put this ring on my finger and said, ‘Noona’! He was really cute.


You can watch her talk about it here!

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