Apink’s Hayoung Reveals How She Almost Debuted As A Red Velvet Member

Hayoung could’ve been a Red Velvet member!

Hayoung is best known as the gorgeous maknae of Apink, but if plans worked out in different ways, she could’ve been a member of Red Velvet!


During Secret Sister, Hayoung revealed to Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon that she was originally dead set on joining SM Entertainment.

“I first auditioned for your label, [SM]. I really liked your label.

I didn’t want to audition anywhere else.”

— Hayoung


Amazed by the coincidence, Hyoyeon wondered which group SM was preparing to debut when Hayoung auditioned. That group was none other than Red Velvet!


Hayoung humbly added that she may not have even debuted if she trained under SM Entertainment, but she loved the company.

“Of course, if I had been in SM I may not have debuted.”

— Hayoung


She has no regrets, though! Thankfully, Hayoung was able to meet the producers in Plan A Entertainment and had a successful debut with Apink!

“I’m sure there was a chance I wouldn’t have made it, but I was able to meet Apink. Apink was my savior.”

— Hayoung


Could you imagine Hayoung saying, “Happiness! We’re Red Velvet!”?

Source: Newsen