Apink’s Hayoung Warns Malicious Commenters To Stop Leaving Hateful Messages

She personally called them out.

Apink‘s Oh Hayoung recently made her solo debut with “Don’t Make Me Laugh”. But she has been facing haters who left malicious comments about her new challenge as a soloist.


Hayoung uploaded a message to the haters through her Instagram story, where she warned them to stop. She wrote, “I don’t know what goes through your mind when you write malicious comments, but please stop. Not just to me but to everyone“.


Malicious commenters have been criticizing her singing and performance skills, claiming that she isn’t fit to be a soloist.


But that can’t be far from the truth as Hayoung has been rocking it on music shows with her stunning visuals and performance skills!


Don’t pay them any mind, Hayoung! You keep doing what a queen does!

Source: My Daily