Apink’s Eunji Reveals How Much She Makes Per Month

She surprised everyone by revealing she makes enough to do this!

Apink‘s Jung Eunji recently appeared on a radio show to talk about her monthly income. She revealed that most of her earnings come from performances and acting, but she makes a living through various sources of income.

My main source of income is Apink or solo performances. We’re doing Asian tours and I’m also acting these days. I’m doing various things.

— Eunji


When the host was curious as to how much she makes per month, she gave an estimate that shocked the listeners. She revealed that she provides for her younger brother and pays for his education fees each month!

I make enough to provide for my younger brother. He’s a senior in high school, and I pay for all of his education fees.

— Eunji


Considering how seniors in Korean high schools require thousands of dollars per month, Jung Eunji’s income is definitely not something to look upon lightly! Previous reports claimed a student in Gangnam spends around 2.5 million won (~$2,100 USD) each month just for their studies alone.

Average school night at Gangnam near the academy mecca.


Eunji proved that she works hard as an artist and actress not just for herself but also for her family!

Source: MoneyS and Wikitree