Apink Members Infected With Virus, Scared Of Infecting Other Idols

Plan A canceled their schedules.

Plan A Entertainment announced at the last minute that Apink will not participate in the 2017 Gayo Daejejeon due to Hayoung’s illness.

They stated that Hayoung caught the flu and that it was best to pull out of their broadcast schedules.

“Hayoung caught a flu (type A influenza), so the whole group will not attend Gayo Daejejeon.

We tried our best to attend, but after discussing with the network, decided not to as the flu is highly contagious.”

— Plan A Entertainment

Plan A Entertainment clarified they weren’t sure if the other members have also caught the flu, but they didn’t want to take the chance of spreading the virus to other people.

But they also made sure that the fans didn’t worry too much because Hayoung’s condition isn’t severe and she’s resting peacefully at home to recover. She even posted to their official Twitter account, clarifying the situation to her fans.

“[#Hayoung] We finally had the chance to celebrate the end of the year with our Pandas, but I’m heartbroken that we won’t be able to meet… I tried my best to find a way to make it work, but I won’t be able to stand on stage for various reasons… I think they decided to cancel it because they were concerned for the other members and staff…!

We are so sorry to all the Pandas who came a long way and everyone who endured the cold to come see us.. It would have been better if we had let you know earlier. I thought it was just a simple cold, but we found it [it was the flu] when I went to the hospital after our late schedules. We found out too late in our stage preparations, so couldn’t tell you earlier and I’m sorry…

I’ll get better as soon as possible to meet everyone with a smile. I’ll prepare healthily and well for our concert, so let’s meet then! And to our Pandas, make sure you dress warmly and beware of the cold!!”

— Hayoung

Unfortunately, the news was announced right before the start of the ceremony, so many of their fans had already traveled far distances to cheer on the girls.

To make up for their sudden announcement, the rest of the Apink members showed up at the concert hall to have a sudden meet and greet with their fans. They explained the situation and sincerely apologized in person.

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To farther make up for their disappointment, Apink released a series of posters for their upcoming concert series titled “PINK SPACE”! Their concert will be held on January 12-13th in Seoul.

Source: xportsnews