Apink Naeun’s Pants Rips Right Down The Middle Mid-Performance

Her pants ripped right down the middle.

Apink Naeun’s pants split right down the middle during their “Pink Space” concert.

Dressed in all black and tight leather pants, Naeun and the rest of Apink transformed into sexier versions of themselves.

During the intro of their performance of “KOK KOK”, Naeun’s pants ripped right where a zipper would normally be.

She sat down for their choreography when her tight pants ripped near her crotch area.

Even though she suffered a wardrobe malfunction, Naeun perfectly completed the group’s performance of the song.

She even performed a couple more songs before a staff member finally helped her off the stage to change into new pants.

While it’s unfortunate Naeun suffered a wardrobe malfunction to this degree, she still pulled off her performances flawlessly.

Their stylist made sure that they didn’t make the same mistake in the next day of their concert.

Source: Instiz