Apink Naeun Tries To Support Feminism With This Photo, gets bashed for it…then deletes It

Apink’s Naeun was the center of a controversy when she uploaded photos of a phone case with a feminist slogan.

Apink’s Naeun tried to support feminism by posting photos of her new phone case but received some mean comments which made her take the photos down.

Her phone case had the words written, “GIRLS CAN DO ANYTHING!”.

She released a live video of her eating brunch, along with the Instagram photos which clearly showed her phone case design.

But when netizens started arguing about the pictures, with some swearing at her, she decided to take the photos down.

“Feminism is a sensitive subject in Korea. Don’t advertise it so easily on your influential social media.” — Netizen’s Comment

Fans defended her by asking what was wrong with being a feminist and speculating that she was receiving brand sponsorship.

Naeun was speculated Naeun of smoking after a pack of cigarettes were seen in the corner of her photo.

“If she’s such an innocent idol, why is she smoking?” — Netizen’s Comment

But it became clear that the cigarettes weren’t hers, as the video clearly showed the staff she was with was using his pack of cigarettes to help get the proper angle for her shot.

Her agency spoke up to clarify that Son Naeun wasn’t taking a stance about feminism and that she doesn’t smoke.

“The phone case is an endorsement brand’s slogan. Son Naeun only uploaded the photos to converse with her fans. She was surprised by the sudden controversy that she didn’t mean in the first place, so she deleted the photos. The cigarettes belonged to the staff member who was with her.” — Plan A Entertainment

Source: Dispatch, Osen and Star Today