Apink’s Namjoo Suffers Injury While Filming “Law Of The Jungle”, Returns Home Early

She had to halt filming and fly back home early.

Apink‘s Namjoo was in the middle of filming Law Of The Jungle when she suddenly felt her herniated disc begin to stiffen her neck as sharp pains shot through her.

“I know I have a herniated disc, and my neck is starting to hurt a lot.”

— Namjoo


She was actually up the past night, trying to stretch out the pain she kept feeling in her waist.

“The night before, my waist started hurting a lot. I kept waking up in the middle of the night.

My neck used to get better if I did some stretches.”

— Namjoo


Namjoo’s pain started getting worse and worse to the point that she couldn’t help but shed tears. She was immediately moved off of the raft and onto a more stable boat.

“I felt so sorry for having to tell people that I was hurting when everyone else was also exhausted.

I literally didn’t know what to do.”

— Namjoo


She was then removed from the group where her arms began numbing from the herniated disc.

“My left arm is starting to feel different than my right.”

— Namjoo


The physician ultimately decided that it was impossible for Namjoo to continue filming without causing more harm to herself.

“Because you’re suffering from acute herniated disc, it would be best to keep pressure off of your neck. I think it’ll be difficult for you to continue filming.

Let’s go get everything checked out at a local hospital, but I don’t think you should continue.”

— Physician


After hearing the doctor advise she stop filming for treatments, Namjoo broke out in tears as she didn’t want to let the team down.

“No, I can’t.

I really don’t want to leave. We’re just starting.”

— Namjoo


Eventually, Namjoo had to be taken to a local hospital where they ultimately advised her to return home earlier than expected.

“I really looked forward to the scuba lessons, and I did my best.

I was so upset. I was right in front of the sea.”

— Namjoo


All Namjoo could do was express her apologies to the cast and staff for her unfortunate situation.

“I was so sorry. I was so sad that I couldn’t stay with the group until the end.”

— Namjoo

Source: Newsen